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Everything about Scuba-Diving

Introduction to Diving

Are you facscinated by crystal-clear oceans and colorful underwater worlds but lacking ideas where to start? Our Scuba-Introduction guides you the way. We explain with easy words what Scuba is, what gear you need, and how you can get started quickly with your new sports. read more

Scuba and Health

Diving is a lot of fun and there is always something to explore. Sometimes the underwater world feel like a trip through an alien planet — und somehow, this is the case. Diving into a new world with your own body is fascinating, but also exhausting. Despite modern diving technologies there are some health risks to consider. read more


All you need to know about basics like mask and fins. read more


You would like to get your knowledge certified? read more

Become a diving instructor

Want to have the job of your dreams? read more

Military Divers

How is Diving used in military actions? read more

Forms of diving — from snorkeling to deep diving


Some advanced divers are couragous enough to explore caves. The fear no risk and dive in sometimes absolute darkness to even find out about the probably best hidden places on earth. It is an exciting hobby, which is not suitable for everybody. read more



Free diving




Nature under water




Facts & and other interesting things around Diving


You can not speak under water. But there is still need to communicate, maybe to highlight dangers. read more


Where are the best spots? First ideas for your next trip might be on our small list with favorite diving places. read more


Enough buzz-words? If you would like to dive more serious, you need to know which organizations is right for you. read more

Diving records

Diving motivates countless sportsmen to push their limits. Here is a list of impressive records. read more